Thursday, October 11, 2007

When it Rains it Pours....

I think I have a rain cloud following me around. I had a week of bad luck. My car wouldn't start Tuesday and I had to call my work partner to pick me up. I hope the car turns out OK I really don't want to worry about a new car right now. On top of that my neck is getting bad. I feel the area in my thyroid now when it was originally biopsied in May I didn't even know it was there. Then last night I felt a lump at the lymphnoid on that side at the base of the head posterior neck area. This morning that lump hurt bad enough to wake me. My sister missed her flight yesterday and then was delayed in Washington, so my 6:20 airport pick up turned into 10:30pm. We weren't home till 11:30. I had early therapy she wanted to know how I felt about being told last time that I'd go to the hospital if my BF% doesn't come up. Well, I just feel that isn't going to happen. She wants me to re-check it in 2 weeks and include good fat daily avocado or full fat cheese. My sisters here and I can't even relax with all the stuff happening. Now I'm on my way to court. I was subpoenaed to show up for the trial for the guy that stole my debit. My neck appointment is Nov 21st, yes the earliest the endocrinologist can see me, so I called my PC I see him at 10am tomorrow. I just don't know how big my neck would be if I wait till Nov. that's just crazy.
Got any boxes I really need to pack *sigh*
talk to you soon<3

Friday, October 05, 2007

Jumping Forward

Hey I feel like a selfish blogger hardly get to update and almost never get to go read what is going on with you. I know I'll slow down once the weather changes. I have big news....bought the condo!! It is very awesome the owner re-did the entire inside including a spacial flooring. My lease at my apartment is up Oct. 31st and I should close on the condo in Nov. Me and Natasha will be crashing at my aunts for a few weeks.

My mental stuff is going great. I have overcome what feels like all of my anxiety. I haven't had problems just the normal eeks I think everyone gets. It feels really good. Makes it easier to get a life, meet people. I made a few friends and had fun doing it too. I hope to hear about the job soon. I would think in the next two weeks I will it least get a sit down with the boss.

My only bad news and I say this lite hearted because it isn't going to therapist said I have tow weeks to make progress with weight and body fat. She said I can make leaps and bounds with my life but it wont matter if my body gives out. I know this I feel fine, but my levels are off and my body fat has been under 11% for to long. So, she said it's a hospital for me if I don't have progress. I know she is worried but I'm not and I feel like she said more for a push then a real threat.

On another note my mom canceled her trip here surprise surprise, thanks. Yeah I figured she would she has to much going on at home with work and getting ready for my sisters baby. Just shows you where I stand could have used some company here. At least my sister is coming she flays in Wednesday night for a full week. I'm doing her baby shower next Sunday.

I'll try to post a picture of the condo.

Jen you were my 4th sox update, must have been a good game. GO Red Sox

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Being busy keeps me out of trouble. My mind seems to be mean when I have lots to do that isn't structured. Well, don't have to worry about that for now. I just had a very busy work week and one more shift to go. Natasha has her change of season asthma going on. I did decide with the help of Danny to stay at least a year here in MI. We don't want to risk the stress of moving back destroying my awesome progress in therapy. So...I am up for a possible promotion at work. I applied for a chief tech position. This would put me in charge of an MRI department at the hospital and I would work Monday-Friday days, I'd have to get use to not having a short week. But, on the flip side it is the next step forward in my career and I love the company so I'm taking a leap. If I get it that is. If I do I already found my dream condo my as well buy in this market if were hanging around.

Ok off to finish my sisters baby shower invites. I'll keep ya posted.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Ground Braking

Well, this is a first. For once I feel my mom gave me advice as to what is good for me. Not the usual you get which is what she would want. Today I was telling her how Danny is looking into a program for MRI back home. This means he may be ready to move back before I expected. I have a few things going for me here right now. Like passable chance at lead tech in Feb. a roommate...hoping to help out my sister in law and the big one a therapist I can't live without right now. I know I see all these things and I know there are perks to being home too. BUT, I could not believe what my mom said about it all. She says take the job it will be great for my career even if it means an extra year here. She also said that I need to stay till I feel ready to come back and do what I needed to do to just be OK. WOW you have know idea how surprised I was. I would have expected more like well you plan to come back now is better then later and I know she would love to be near me and Natasha. You have know idea how wooh this is coming from her. It made my day that she could say that to me.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Busy week work and a weekend get away. Summers over man the temp dropped 20 degrees. It was a fun weekend with a few cousins I have not hung out with in years!!!!!!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

cruise control

You know how people look over to other cars while they are driving? They do I'm sure you have noticed. I had been driving for a while before I noticed. What can I say I'm boring I was well keeping my eyes on the road. Through the years I have always been interested in this and thus find I look to my right also. Just seeing what's going on next to me. I always was a people watcher. It's weird when two people look over. It always weird me out when I get an eye lock. I know I shouldn't look if I can't handle the look back. I always just look away. It just seems odd that were all looking but look away when we catch each other looking I mean you caught eyes shouldn't you at least say hi. Is that weird? I don't know that I would want random people saying HI just because we were both peeping into each others car. How often through the day do we truly look strangers in the eye? Makes you wonder.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

hey hey!!!

Wow has it been that long since I posted. So, sorry. I am doing awesome. I had some brake through therapy and moving along quit well. I think I actually like myself. I say it with a whisper but I know it is true. Being a single mom is well as hard as it sounds but it is what is. I think Natasha is having a fun summer in spite of her new family situation.
I'm back to working out. Nothing crazy just 5-6 times a week. Doing the classes at the gym or upper body on the weight floor. I'm feeling strong mind and body.